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Title: Deposit Insurance Act (2015.02.04 Modified) chinese version
Article Content
      Section 2 Insured Risk Control
Article   22   
(Establishment of information sharing mechanisms and coordination mechanisms)
In the event where there are needs for the CDIC to collect and analyze the financial information or business information relating to an insured institution for the purpose of insured risk control, CDIC shall obtain such information through the information sharing mechanism established by the competent authority, the central competent authority of the agricultural finance, the Central Bank and the CDIC. In the event of insufficiency, the CDIC may require the insured institutions to report the truth.
The CDIC shall establish coordination mechanisms with the competent authority, the central competent authority of the agricultural finance and the Central Bank for the purpose of handling business crises of insured institutions or any major event affecting financial order.
Article   23   
(Establishment of electronic data files)
For the calculation of insurance premium and amount of payout in fulfilling insurance responsibilities, the insured institutions shall establish electronic data files of deposits and related items according to the file format and content stipulated by the CDIC.
The CDIC may request the insured institutions to provide the aforementioned electronic data files, if necessary.
Article   24   
The CDIC may inspect the following items of an insured institution:
1. Accuracy of deposit assessment base and content of the electronic data files stipulated in Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article.
2. Any event causing the termination of the deposit insurance agreement.
3. Assets and liabilities of insured institutions prior to the fulfillment of insurance responsibilities.
4. Property information and information needed to pursue civil liabilities for illegal acts or omissions by employees of failed insured institutions and by those of problem insured institutions that receive financial assistance according to Paragraph 1 of Article 29.
When the CDIC undertakes inspection according to Subparagraph 3 or 4 of the aforesaid Paragraph, if an insured institution has made any improper funds transfers or property trades with its controlling financial holding companies, other subsidiaries thereof, or non-credit departments of farmer's or fishermen's associations with the potential to jeopardize the insurance payout special reserves, the CDIC may report to the competent authority or the central competent authority of the agricultural finance and undertake inspections, after obtaining their approval, of the said financial holding companies, the subsidiaries thereof, and the non-credit departments of farmers' and fishermen's associations.
In undertaking the inspection stipulated in Subparagraph 4 of Paragraph 1, the CDIC may obtain or review relevant property and household registration information from government authorities, financial institutions or securities' central depository agencies.
Article   25   
(Warnings for the termination of deposit insurance contracts)
If an insured institution violates the laws, regulations or deposit insurance agreements, or engages in unsound business operations, the CDIC may give a warning notice of terminating the deposit insurance agreement and require rectification within a stipulated timeframe.
Article   26   
(Prerequisites for the termination of deposit insurance contracts)
The CDIC shall notify the competent authority or the central competent authority of the agricultural finance and terminate its deposit insurance agreement and make announcements with respect thereof, in the event any one of the followings occurs to an insured institution:
1. Failure to take corrective actions within the stipulated timeframe after the CDIC gives a warning notice of termination of the deposit insurance agreement according to the preceding article.
2. Failure to make improvements upon being ordered by the competent authority or the central competent authority of the agricultural finance to undertake recapitalization or make improvements in financial condition and business operations within a certain timeframe; or being assessed as being unable to make improvements by the aforementioned authorities or the CDIC prior to the deadline.
3. Occurrence of a major fraud or other illegal activities with the potential to increase deposit insurance payouts.
Article   27   
(Termination of deposit insurance contracts)
In the event of termination of a deposit insurance agreement by the CDIC according to Article 21 or the preceding Article, the insured institution shall notify its depositors within one month of the date of termination and return the deposit insurance sign issued by the CDIC.
The total deposit balance of each of the abovementioned depositors on the date of termination of the deposit insurance agreement subtracting subsequent withdrawals shall, within the maximum insurance coverage, continue to be insured by the CDIC for one-half year after the termination date. The insured institution with a terminated deposit insurance agreement shall continue to make payment equivalent to the insurance premium to the CDIC.