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Title: 本法已廢止 Implementation Rules for Bank Internal Audit and Internal Control System (2010.03.29 Abolished) chinese version
Article Content
      Section 2. Compliance System.
Article    8   For the purpose of regulatory compliance, a bank shall designate a head office administration unit directly under the board of directors or president to take charge of the planning, management and implementation of a compliance system, and appoint a senior executive to be the chief compliance officer in charge of the compliance issues. The chief compliance officer shall report to the board of directors and supervisors at least once every half a year.
The bank’s head office, its business units at home and abroad, asset management unit, and other administrative units shall each appoint a compliance officer in charge of compliance matters.
The bank shall file the namelist of its compliance officers as mentioned in the preceding paragraph with the competent authority via the Internet information system for reference.
Article    9   With respect to compliance issues, a bank’s head office and branch offices shall establish a counseling and communication channel to effectively convey regulatory requirements so any of employee’s questions concerning compliance issue is quickly clarified, and laws and regulations are vigorously observed. 
Article   10   The bank’s regulatory compliance unit shall undertake the following tasks: 
1. Establishing a system for clear and adequate conveyance, consultation, coordination and communication of compliance matters;
2. Keeping operating and management rules and procedures updated in line with relevant regulations to make sure all business activities comply with regulatory requirements; 
3. Drafting the content and procedure for evaluating regulatory compliance and overseeing the periodic implementation of self-evaluation by respective units;
4. Providing pertinent regulatory training to employees; and
5. Overseeing the compliance of local laws and regulations by overseas branches.
Self-evaluation of regulatory compliance shall be conducted at least once every half a year and the results thereof shall be submitted to the regulatory compliance unit for reference. The head of each unit shall designate a staff to take charge of the self-evaluation operation.
The working papers and data on the aforementioned self-evaluation work shall be kept for at least five (5) years.