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Title: Deposit Insurance Act (2015.02.04 Modified) chinese version
Article Content
   Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions
Article   48   
(Appointment of dedicated research personnel)
For business needs, the CDIC may be allowed to hire lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, appraisers and senior staff specialized in financial credit reference, extending credit, financial legal affairs, information technology, financial merger and acquisition, disposition of non-performing loans, real estate appraisal, evaluation of assets and liabilities, corporate restructuring and international affairs. The number of such staff cannot exceed 25% of the total budgetary number of staff.
Article   49   
(Items assigned to the Central Deposit Insurance Corporation)
After the termination for the Executive Yuan's Financial Restructuring Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) disposing failed financial institutions since July 10, 2005, the Fund may continuously entrust the CDIC with handling the following matters:
1. The payout, assumption and sale by tender of financial institutions already under disposal by the fund.
2. Collection of the taxes and insurance premium income set forth in Article 4 of the Statute for the Establishment and Management of the Executive Yuan's Financial Restructuring Fund.
3. Disposal of outstanding assets and liabilities of the Fund.
4. Lawsuit cases and matters in relation to the Fund.
Article   50   
(Enactment of the Articles of Incorporation)
The CDIC shall stipulate its Articles of Incorporation in accordance with this Act and other relevant laws and regulations and shall submit it to the competent authority for implementation after its approval.
Article   51   
(Enforcement rules)
The Enforcement Regulations of this Act shall be prescribed by the competent authority.
Article   52   
(Implementation date)
This Act shall become effective on the date of promulgation.