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Title: 本法已廢止 Implementation Rules for Credit Cooperative’s Internal Control and Internal Audit System (2010.03.29 Abolished) chinese version
Article Content
   Chapter 1 General Provisions.
Article    1   These Rules are enacted pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article21 of the Credit Cooperatives Act of the Republic of China (referred to as the Act hereunder).
Article    2   A credit cooperative shall establish internal control and audit systems and ensure the continuing and effective implementation of such systems to promote the sound development of the cooperative and uphold financial stability.
Article    3   The basic purpose of internal controls is to promote the sound operations of a credit cooperative. The board of directors, supervisors and all employees of the credit cooperative shall comply with such internal controls to ensure the attainment of following objectives:
1. Operational performance and efficiency.
2. Reliability of financial reporting.
3. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
The objective of “operational performance and efficiency” depicted in subparagraph 1 of the preceding paragraph pertains to profit, business performance and assurance of asset security.