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Laws and Regulations
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1. (91)-Tai-Tsai-Jheng-(II)-001539 (2002.03.11)
2. Banks,Securities Firms,Insurance Companies Apply for Approval to Jointly Promote Other Business' Products or Provide Relevant Services (2003.06.27)
3. Chin-Kuan-Yin-(1)-09610000350 (2007.03.27)
4. Conditions to Be Met and Documents to Be Submitted by Commercial Banks Investing in Other Enterprises (2001.05.08)
5. Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for Banks (2005.01.25)
6. 本法已廢止 Directions Concerning Applications to Own More Than Fifteen Percent of the Issued Voting Shares of a Same Bank (2007.10.02)
7. 本法已廢止 Directions Concerning Ceilings on Credit Extensions by a Bank to a Same Person, Same Related Parties, or Same Affiliated Enterprises (2010.01.28)
8. Directions Concerning the Establishment of Foreign Branches by Domestic Banks (2019.02.12)
9. Directions for Banks Conducting Financial Derivatives Business (2013.01.30)
10. Directions for Banks Engaging in Wealth Management Business (2005.07.21)
11. Directions for Banks Providing Information and Advisory Services on Offshore Financial Derivatives (2016.06.21)
12. Directions for Ceilings on the Total Amounts of the Major Liabilities and Reverse Repo Transactions Conducted by Bills Houses (2004.11.19)
13. Directions for Confirming Customer Identity in Domestic Remittance Operations and Deposit Without Passbook of Financial Institutions (2018.11.08)
14. Directions for Provision of User and Contracted Institution Transaction Data and Other Related Information by Electronic Payment Institutions (2021.07.05)
15. Directions for the Allocation and Use of Funds for Financial Research, Training, and Development by Banks (2003.12.24)
16. Directions for the Extension of Special Loans and Special Credit Guarantees for Traditional Industries by Financial Institutions (2004.11.19)
17. Directions for the Local Branch of a Foreign Bank in Providing Information on Opening a Deposit Account with its Head Office or a Head Office-Designated Branch at the Request of Customers (2010.08.24)
18. Directions for the Scope of and Limitations on Foreign Investments Made in the Utilization of Collective Trust Funds Offered by Trust Enterprises (2013.02.27)
19. Directions Governing Application Documents and Review Criteria for Approval of Foreign Financial Holding Company (2005.07.07)
20. 本法已廢止 Directions Governing Internal Control System of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing of Banking Business, Electronic Payment Institutions and Electronic Stored Value Card Issuers (2018.11.09)
21. Directions Governing the Acquisition of Treasury Stock by Exchange-listed and OTC-listed Financial Institutions (2020.10.16)
22. Directions Governing the Cash Card Business of Financial Institutions (2021.11.02)
23. Directions governing the identifying indicators and requirements for domestic systemically important banks (2019.12.27)
24. Directions Governing the Risks Carried by Bills Houses on a Single Enterprise (2005.01.28)
25. Gin-Guan-Yin-(3)-Zi-No. 09700414690 (2008.10.28)
26. Gin-Guan-Yin-(3)-Zi-No. 0973006750 (2008.12.24)
27. Gin-Guan-Yin-Kong No. 10902733851 (2020.10.26)
28. Gin-Guan-Yin-Piao-Zi-10440005800 (2015.12.18)
29. Gin-Guan-Yin-Piao-Zi-10440005801 (2015.12.18)
30. Gin-Guan-Yin-Piao-Zi-No. 09840005720 (2009.08.28)
31. Gin-Guan-Yin-Wai-Zi-10300337910 (2015.01.05)
32. Gin-Guan-Yin-Wai-Zi-10400090740 (2015.05.12)
33. Gin-Guan-Yin-Wai-Zi-10400192770 (2015.09.01)
34. Gin-Guan-Yin-Wai-Zi-10600244510 (2017.11.27)
35. Gin-Guan-Yin-Wai-Zi-10801097470 (2019.07.10)
36. 本法已廢止 Guidelines for a Local Branch of a Foreign Bank in Providing Information on Opening Deposit Accounts with its Head Office at the Request of its Customers (2004.11.30)
37. Guidelines for Banks Selling Financial Products to Customers Other than Wealth Management Customers (2005.07.21)
38. Guidelines for Financial Institutions in Setting Tiered Interest Rates for Credit Cards and Cash Cards (2006.03.30)
39. Guidelines Governing the Operation of Local Banking Institutions Regarding the Opening of the New Taiwan Dollar Accounts by Non-resident Foreign Nationals (1996.11.15)
40. Instructions for Reporting Voting Shares in Accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 16 of Financial Holding Company Act (2019.12.25)
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